Goodbye, Megaton
Joey / Straight Edge / Emo / Hardcore / Pop Punk

Title Fight | Introvert

I’m burning down all of these memories
Throw the ashes out to sea
Forget that you said, you’d never change anything

I hope it kills you to know 
that I’m doing worse than the day before

I force myself to sleep
But when I wake up 
you still won’t be with me
But in my dreams you remembered my name

Let me be the first
Let me be the last
Let me be the last thing you forget.

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Youngest Daughter // Daylight [Superheaven]

Breathe until your lungs fail. 
You can sing till you go deaf. 
Everyday that you don’t call her, 
I can feel it. You’re coming down. 

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I wish I could get over this feeling of slipping under
but I never get that far

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My eyes are weak so I could never focus

on decisions that have left me hopeless

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Balance & Composure

The Story So Far | All Wrong.